Terms & Conditions - Housekeepers

  1. These terms and conditions of business are between Sunflower Au Pair Agency (hereinafter called the Agency) and the Candidate. The Agency will only undertake business on the terms and conditions contained herein. No variation of the terms will be valid unless confirmed in writing by the Agency. The Candidate shall be the person who has signed the agreement on the registration form.
  2. The Agency acts as an agent for the purpose of effecting introductions between families (the Client) and the Candidate. The Agency does not employ Candidates, directly or indirectly.
  3. The terms and conditions within this document shall apply to any contract between the Candidate and the Agency and such a contract shall come into force upon the Candidate submitting a registration to the Agency.
  4. The Candidate and the Client will warrant that the information provided to the Agency at the time of registration is correct. The Candidate agrees to notify the Agency of any change in circumstances. If these changes might affect the Client, they must also notify them.
  5. The Candidate has read and understood the relevant information regarding the role they are applying for and agree to the role, tasks and expectations, as described on the Agency’s website.
  6. The Candidate agrees to provide the Agency and the Client with all accurate information which is relevant to their application.
  7. The Candidate agrees to treat the Client and their property and information with care and respect at all times.
  8. The Candidate agrees to never disclose personal information, including photos, about the Client’s circumstances or property to any third party in writing, verbally or on the internet, including all social media, without first receiving the Client’s permission in writing.
  9. The Candidate agrees to carry out their role for the Client to the best of their ability.
  10. The Candidate agrees to stay until at least the end of the agreed placement term, unless both parties agree to a new termination date.
  11. Although the Agency takes every care to check the Client's details, the Candidate is strongly advised to satisfy himself/herself as to the suitability of the Client. They accept that the choice ultimately lies with them.
  12. The Agency will support and advise the Candidate but is unable to micromanage the placement and it is the Candidate and Client’s responsibility to make the placement a success. The Agency cannot be held responsible should the Client employ the Candidate for a shorter time than initially agreed, or if there is a breakdown in communication.
  13. The Candidate authorises the Agency to share their details (including photos) with Clients and carefully selected partners in order to find them a position. The Agency will keep Candidates’ details securely on file and will contact them with job and placement opportunities.
  14. The Candidate agrees to pay for their own insurance (as required – travel/health) and travel expenses. You must ensure that you are covered by an adequate and up to date public liability insurance policy. Please ask us for further details if you are unsure about this. It is free for Candidates to register with the Agency.
  15. The Client will provide the Candidate with a contract of work. In most cases this will be before they start work, but it will be at the latest within 2 months of starting work. The Agency strongly recommends that the contract is agreed before any travel arrangements are made, to ensure that both sides understand and agree to the role’s conditions. Furthermore, the Candidate must have a National Insurance Number (NIN). If born in the UK, the Candidate will have received one at the age of 16, if from another country, the Candidate must make an appointment with their local Job Centre as soon as they arrive to be given one. As an employee the Candidate will also need to have an active bank account into which they can receive salary payments.
  16. The Candidate must make themselves aware of their legal responsibilities around registering with HMRC and paying the correct amount of tax. Most employers will pay salaries through a payroll company which will deduct the correct amount of tax, but Candidates accept responsibility for ensuring taxation is carried out properly. Information can be found on www.gov.uk/employment-contracts-and-conditions.
  17. The Candidate agrees to inform the Agency immediately if the Client makes a direct offer of placement.
  18. The Candidate is entitled to one week's notice of termination of employment. However, in the event of serious misconduct by the Candidate or Client, either party shall be entitled to terminate the engagement immediately.
  19. The Candidate agrees to not accept another position, paid or unpaid, once they have accepted their placement without first checking with the Client.
  20. The Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the Agency's introduction or provision of services or from any acts, omissions or conduct of staff introduced by the Agency, its employees or partners. The Agency advises you to consider taking out appropriate insurance.
  21. Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to Candidates and Clients is correct, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any actions or inactions of the Candidates or Clients and both the Client and the Candidate agree to indemnify the Agency fully in respect of this. Client and the Candidate further agree to indemnify the Agency, its employees and partners fully for any inaccuracies or oversights relating to any information or guidance provided to it by the said parties in relation to its business, legal matters, taxation, employment law, insurance or other. The Client and the Candidate must inform themselves and seek specialist advice where necessary.
  22. All documents the Candidate receives from the Agency are strictly confidential and for their information only. The Candidate agrees not to share or publish any details or photographs of Clients. The Candidate agrees to delete all information relating to Clients with whom they do not take a placement and to store any details about the Client they secure a placement with securely until the end of said placement.
  23. The Candidate agrees to behave responsibly at all times, using common sense appropriate to their age and the position held.
  24. The Agency regrets that it can only accept applications from Candidates able to provide a police check/criminal record check/DBS check dated within 3 months of registration.
  25. The Candidate agrees to seek the advice of the Client before administering any form of discipline and understands that under no circumstances should they hit the children, shout at them or leave them unaccompanied, regardless of their ages.
  26. The Candidate agrees to discuss in detail the daily and weekly routine with the Client on arrival in their home and to have a discussion around expectations. They also agree to inform the Agency of any future holiday/travel arrangements.
  27. The Candidate is aware that the success of their placement depends on their own initiative, and they agree to integrate themselves in family life and communicate openly with the Client and actively seek a solution should any problems arise.
  28. The Candidate agrees to familiarise themselves with all relevant visa requirements and obtain the necessary documentation.
  29. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England & Wales.

You agree to all these terms and conditions upon submitting a Registration to Us the Agency.