6 Top Safety Tips For Looking After Kids In Crowds

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might well have noticed that there have been a lot of protests on the streets of cities all over the UK, striking against climate change and Brexit.

Even if you don’t have any intention of going to one of these protests, it can be all too easy to find yourselves caught up in a big crowd of people which would be fine by yourself but if you’re with a group of children that you’re looking after as a London au pair it can quickly become quite scary.

Talking to older children about emergencies and what they should do if something does go wrong is wise. Choose a designated meeting spot so you have somewhere to go if you do become separated.

It’s also a good idea to talk to all your young charges, no matter how old they are, about the importance of staying within distance so you can see them at all times. It’s important that you emphasise to your children that they’re also responsible for their own safety. Remind them of the importance of sticking together, as well.

Before you leave the house, you might also like to make sure that the little ones are out and about dressed in bright clothing so you can spot them easily even if you do suddenly find yourself caught up in a crowd of people. 

Try to remember to have fun while you’re out with the kids, as well. Being prepared and having action plans in place for certain circumstances is wise, since it means you can relax properly and have a good time as well.

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