Terms & Conditions - Families

  1. These terms and conditions of business are between Sunflower Au Pair Agency (hereinafter called the Agency) and the Client. The Agency will only undertake business on the terms and conditions contained herein. No variation of the terms will be valid unless confirmed in writing by the Agency. The Client shall be the person who has signed the agreement on the registration form.
  2. The Agency acts as agents for the purpose of effecting introductions between Clients and Au Pairs/Parents' Help/Housekeepers and the fees to the Agency are for introduction only. The Agency cannot be held responsible should the applicant stay for a shorter time than that agreed with the Client.
  3. Although the Agency takes every care to check the applicant's details, the Client is strongly advised to satisfy himself/herself as to the suitability of the applicant.
  4. The Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the Agency's introduction or provision of services or from any acts, omissions or conduct of staff introduced by the Agency, its employees or partners. The Agency advises you to consider taking out appropriate insurance.
  5. Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to Candidates and Clients is correct, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any actions or inactions of the Candidates or Clients and both the Client and the Candidate agree to indemnify the Agency fully in respect of this . Client and the Candidate further agree to indemnify the Agency, its employees and partners fully for any inaccuracies or oversights relating to any information or guidance provided to it by the said parties in relation to its business, legal matters, taxation, employment law, insurance or other. The Client and the Candidate must inform themselves and seek specialist advice where necessary.
  6. The request by the Client to the Agency to supply details of an applicant will be deemed to be acceptance of the Agency's terms and conditions.
  7. If the applicant fails to arrive, the Agency will offer a replacement within 30 days of being notified in writing. If the Client decides, for whatever reason not to accept the replacement no refund shall be due to the Client. No refund is available if the Client finds an applicant from another source before the expiry of the aforesaid 30 days. If no replacement is found by the agency within 30 days a full refund will be offered.
  8. Once the applicant has arrived refunds will only be made provided the Client notifies the Agency in writing within 5 days of termination of employment and the Agency's invoice has been paid in full within 7 days of the invoice date. We will offer free replacements within 6 weeks days from the commencement of placement date subject to the terms and conditions.
  9. If you terminate your placement during the initial 6 weeks, we will offer one free replacement search. However, if we are unable to offer a suitable replacement within 30 days of you notifying us of termination of the placement, you are entitled to the following refund schedule should you choose to discontinue the search with us.
    [Insert refund table] All refunds are offered subject to the terms of the replacement policy
  10. All applicants are entitled to one week's notice of termination of employment. Failure to comply with this condition results in automatic loss of right to refund, replacement or credit. However, in the event of serious misconduct by the Au Pair/Parents' Help/Housekeeper or the host family (Client), either party shall be entitled to terminate the engagement immediately. If the Au Pair/Parents' Help/Housekeeper’s departure is as a result of misconduct on the part of the Client the Agency has no obligation to replace them or offer any refund of fees.
  11. Au Pairs and Au Pairs Plus must be paid a minimum allowance of £100 per week and Parents' Help must be paid between £180–£350 per week.
  12. If the Client directly or indirectly introduces an applicant to any other family or employer, the Client will be liable for the full fees should the applicant be engaged.
  13. If the Client decides not to accept the applicant after an invoice has been raised no refund will be made. A credit for a period of 3 months from the invoice date will given. Once a Client has accepted an applicant and an invoice has been raised following this acceptance, the Client is liable to pay the full amount stated on the invoice.
  14. In all cases, if a substitute is offered by the Agency and refused by the Client no refund or credit is due.
  15. The Client must pay the applicable placement fee on acceptance of the applicant. If the fee is not received within 7 days, an additional fee of £75 will be added to the placement fee. Sunflower Au Pair Agency does not accept cheques.
  16. Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to a Client is correct, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information.
  17. Submission of an application form to the Agency constitutes agreement to the above terms and conditions.
  18. No replacement or refund will be provided in the following scenarios:
    • On short-term placements (less than 3 months).
    • If the applicant complains of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by the Client, their family, or acquaintances
    • If the Client restricts access or stops the applicant using any amenities that he/she is entitled to use; if the Client withholds any weekly money if an applicant is asked to leave; or the applicant has been asked to do extra duties not stated in the application or not paid extra for.
    • If the applicant has not been given a proper routine and had the chance to get used to the routine.
    • If the Client wishes the applicant to drive but fails to provide professional driving lessons.
    • If the introduction fee was not paid.
  19. The Client must give the applicant a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice at the end of the placement. The Au Pair/Parents' Help/Housekeeper must also provide 2 weeks’ notice to the Client.
  20. The Client must provide the following:
    • A bedroom which will not be used/accessed by other people or used for any additional purposes including storage.
    • The bedroom must be clean, well-maintained and adequately furnished, including a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, storage space and a desk.
    • Access to a wi-fi connection.
    • A clean, well-maintained and fully equipped family home.
    • Access to food and soft drinks.
    • The Client is responsible for ensuring that the home is in a safe, clean and tidy condition at all times(this includes external area such as front/back gardens/driveways etc
    • The Client is responsible for informing the agency of any ongoing or future home improvement/renovation work likely to take place during the period of an au pair’s stay.
    • The Client is responsible for informing the agency of any planned/unplanned change of accommodation that takes place or is likely to take place during the au pair’s stay.
  21. The Client will ensure the following:
    • The Au Pair/Parents' Help is paid the amount of pocket money agreed prior to placement, on a specified day of the week, in cash.
    • That no changes are made to the days/hours (or duties) that the Au Pair/Parents' Help works; or to their payments (or payment arrangements) without prior consultation with the Agency.
    • That the Agency is informed of any relevant changes to the Client’s circumstances in a timely fashion.
  22. In the event of illness on the part of the Au Pair/Parents' Help the Client will ensure:
    • That the Au Pair/Parents' Help is supported to access NHS medical treatment. Please register the Au Pair/Parents' Help with your general practitioner on arrival as a temporary patient / member of your family.
    • That the Agency is informed of any health concerns in relation to the Au Pair/Parents' Help.
    • That reasonable support is provided for the Au Pair/Parents' Help in terms of being able to remain in the Client’s home if they are unable to work, and prior to them returning home.
  23. a) These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland (ROI).
    b) The client is required to adhere to specific employment legislation in the UK and ROI regarding minimum pay, working hours and working conditions.
    c) All clients agree to adhere to conditions 23 a & b when submitting the family registration form.