75% Of Parents Believe School Costs Are Rising

Three-quarters of mums and dads in Britain think it is costing more to send their children to school every year.

Parentkind’s Annual Parent Survey has revealed 76 per cent of parents believe they have to spend more on school expenses, and 51 per cent are concerned about the spiralling costs.

This is hitting parents of children eligible for free school meals (FSM) harder, with 38 per cent admitting to feeling expenses rise compared with 31 per cent whose children are not given FSM.

Chief executive officer of Parentkind John Jolly said: “It’s hugely concerning to see that the most disadvantaged in our society are bearing the brunt of this burden contributing more to schools and feeling the strain acutely when schools face cost-cutting measures.”

Increasing expenses are likely to be due to cuts on education budgets, with almost half (44 per cent) believing pressure on schools’ finances has negatively impacted their children. What’s more, 38 per cent of mothers and fathers have been asked to contribute to their child’s school fund this year.

Mr Jolly noted that schools should “regularly engage with families to fully understand the challenges they face”, as it could increase the financial burden on parents or mean they are less able to participate in their child’s education.

It is not just lunches, extra curricular activities, school equipment, trips and resources that parents feel they are spending more on these days, but also back-to-school goods.

Findings from Mintel recently revealed carers, including those with au pair jobs in the UK, spent 36 per cent more on uniforms and stationery in 2018 than they did the previous year.

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School uniforms typically cost £134 per child last year, rising by six per cent from 2017.