Blogger Reveals Tips To Get Fussy Children To Eat Healthily

When you are in charge of looking after children, whether you are an au pair in the UK, nanny, grandparent or parent, one of your biggest jobs will be to make sure the kids eat well.


However, for many people, this is a huge challenge, as lots of youngsters are incredibly fussy when it comes to food. Anyone who has had experience with trying to get a child to eat something they do not want to knows that the subject has to be approached in the right way to avoid mealtimes battles.


So what are the best ways to get children to eat if they are extremely fussy?


Well, according to blogger and mother-of-two Ciara Attwell, the secret is allowing kids to get involved with making the meals. She suggested letting them choose which vegetables to eat at dinner, getting them to help make sandwiches or giving them simple tasks.


The 36-year-old’s daughter Aoife, now seven, was so fussy when she was little, this inspired Ms Attwell to set up a blog called My Fussy Eater, chronicling her journey to improve her child’s diet.


So successful was her experience that she is now releasing a book of the same name and gave Daily Mail readers advice on how to get little ones to eat well.


She said the most important thing is to not get stressed, as most people face the problem of fussy eaters. She also recommended introducing different foods slowly by having them at the dinner table, letting them see you eat it, and encouraging them to try a little bit each time.


The writer reminded caregivers to make mealtimes fun by buying colourful cutlery and snack plates, as these encourage kids to eat fruit, vegetables and sweet treats at one sitting.