Childcare Agency Requirements in Ireland for Becoming an Au Pair

Are you dreaming of travelling to Ireland and closely observe its culture? Are the expenses holding you back? Becoming an au pair could be the perfect solution if you are a young woman, as Ireland right now has an all time high demand for au pairs. As an au pair, you get to live with a local host family in exchange for some help with their children. Yes, this is your opportunity to witness Ireland’s stunning landscapes, welcoming communities, and rich cultural heritage.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to be eligible to work for a childcare agency in Ireland. So let’s explore the steps, qualifications, and requirements to kickstart your au pair journey.

Is Au Pairing The Right Path For You?

If you are passionate about cultural exchange, learning a new language, and children, au pairing might just be the perfect job. Working for a childcare agency in Ireland offers you more than just personal growth, it gives you a chance to contribute to a host family’s life and make priceless memories. However, becoming an au pair is no easy task; it entails significant responsibilities. As an au pair, you will be primarily responsible for taking care of the host family’s children. This role demands reliability, dependability, and a genuine affection for children. But if you face these challenges, they can pave the way for rewarding personal and professional growth.

Essential Qualifications and Requirements For Joining A Childcare Agency In Ireland

While specific qualifications vary for each childcare agency in Ireland, certain criteria must be met based on your citizenship status.

For EU Citizens:

If you’re an EU citizen aspiring to join a childcare agency in Ireland, the prerequisites are as follows:

  • You must be female and between 18-28 years of age
  • You should have good English communication skills
  • You must be capable of covering your travel expenses

For Non-EU Citizens:

While citizens of EFTA countries get the benefit of free movement within the EU, other non-EU citizens must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible to join a childcare agency in Ireland:

  • You should be female and between 18-27 years of age
  • You should be fluent in English
  • You should have a certificate demonstrating graduation from at least an intermediate school
  • You should be eligible to apply for an Irish visa
  • You must be able to cover visa and travel expenses

Navigating the Visa Process

Following are various visa options you can apply for to become an au pair in Ireland:

  1. Youth Mobility Scheme: You’re allowed to work with a childcare agency in Ireland as an au pair as per this scheme if you are a citizen of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, or Japan.
  2. US-Ireland Working Holiday Agreement: Thanks to this agreement, Irish and US citizens enjoy reciprocal working and travel privileges for up to 12 months.
  3. Student Visa: If the above options don’t apply, go for a student visa that allows you to get enrolled in a course while working up to 25 hours per week as an au pair in Ireland.

Connecting with A Host Family

Once you’re done with visa formalities, register with a childcare agency, like Sunflower Au Pair Agency, and create your profile. A childcare agency in Ireland can connect you with suitable host families after carefully considering different factors for maximum compatibility. They give you the opportunity to engage in conversations with potential host families and gain valuable insights into your potential living and working environment.

The Au Pair Agreement

Once you have found a perfect match, next comes the agreement! The au pair contract is a crucial piece of legal document that outlines the agreement between you and the host family. It helps to prevent misunderstandings and establish clear expectations. Key areas covered under the contract include:

  • Work hours and schedule
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Au pair responsibilities
  • Host family commitments

Arriving In Ireland: Navigating Transportation

Before starting your journey, ensure your passport and visa are up-to-date. Always plan your transportation to meet your host family before arrival. While Ireland has good public transport facilities now, you may still require a private car if your host family lives in a rural area. Familiarise yourself with driving on the left side of the road if you are planning to drive to meet the host family. If you wish to better understand local transportation options the host family can help you with that.


Working as an au pair in Ireland offers you unparalleled opportunities for personal and cultural growth.  Understand the above requirements and prepare for them accordingly to begin your new adventure with a reputable childcare agency in Ireland. Working as an au pair not only provides you with free housing and food but will also enrich your life as you become a part of the host family and care for their children.

Take the leap towards becoming an au pair in Ireland. Register with us today at Sunflower Au Pair Agency and make memories that will last a lifetime.