‘Daily Mile’ Makes Children Healthier

One of the most important reasons that busy families need au pairs in the UK is to ensure that they get all the help and attention they need to flourish, and this especially extends to their health.


The world has definitely changed, and children have far more sedentary lifestyles than they ever have before, so ensuring that they get that daily exercise that will help them live healthier lives is so important.


However, it can be hard to tell with children how much exercise they’re getting – the time they spend at school isn’t necessarily accounted for in how much they’re putting into exercise and play, and it may be hard to spot weight gain and an effects on energy, when it happens over a long stretch of time.


However, one way to ensure the children you’re caring for are getting at least some level is to partake in the Daily Mile. This has been set up by a former headteacher to happen in schools to ensure that each child walks or runs at least one mile a day, according to the Daily Mail, separate from PE lessons and playtime.


When the children aren’t in school, on holidays and weekends, consider adding the Daily Mile to part of your routine and see how it affects elements such as attention and behaviour. It was previously suggested that the scheme be employed by secondary schools too, as it’s believed that exercise drops significantly at this time, and it could be linked to growing levels of mental health issues.