Do You Know The Safer Sleep Rules?

It is essential for all people in au pair jobs to understand the rules surrounding safer sleep for babies.

Sleep advice changed in the last two decades to ensure that babies are as protected as possible from the dangers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is listed as the cause of death when a baby dies despite having been well for the previous day.



One of the biggest changes is now that babies should be put to bed on their backs, rather than on their front which would have been the norm for previous generations.

They should also be placed in a crib with their feet to the foot of the cot, so any extra space is above their head not below their feet.



One of the first things to consider when having a new baby is on the way is where it is going to sleep. Babies need a new, firm, flat mattress for their crib, Moses basket or cot that fits well. This may mean getting rid of the mattress previous siblings used and getting a new one, if you are using the same cot.

It is important to keep the bed area free from anything that could move or get in the baby’s face. Babies don’t need pillows or duvets, and any bedding should be positioned under the armpits and not be able to go over the head.


Room temperature

Babies are more likely to die from SIDs if they overheat so make sure the room is a safe temperature.

Get more advice from the Lullaby Trust.