Is There A Market For Children’s PTs?

If you’re looking for au pair vacancies there are a number of things you’ll be doing for the family you live with, although the primary focus is naturally looking after the children.

However, one thing to consider is how you’ll keep the children you’re caring for fit and healthy – and given the rise in childhood obesity, this could be an issue that a growing number of au pairs are facing.

The Metro recently reported on one family who have put up an advert on a childcare website looking for a personal trainer (PT) for their 11 and six-year-old children.

According to the newspaper, the couple wanted to pay for a PT to help develop their children’s confidence as well as helping them get fitter. They also explained that their son had been bullied at primary school and they wanted to help him feel more confident before he moves into secondary school after the summer break.

While you don’t need to train as a PT to become an au pair, it could be worth considering how you can get the children you’re caring for to be active, as well as how you can develop their confidence through a range of activities.

Last month, research from Decathlon found that, on average, children aged six to 16 spend twice as much time playing video games as they do playing outside each week.

As an au pair, you may need to come up with some creative ways to get the children you’re looking after to ditch their video games and make the most of the great outdoors this summer.