Parents Seeking Au Pair To Dress As Disney Princess

When you’re looking for au pair vacancies, you probably wouldn’t expect a listing asking you to wear a particular outfit, but one couple in Hertfordshire have attracted attention by posting an advert online seeking a part-time au pair who will dress as a different Disney princess each month.

They are offering a salary of £40,000 per year, and the successful applicant will be expected to dress up as a different Disney princess each month to look after the couple’s twin girls during the week.

Duties will include collecting the girls from school, cooking their dinner and putting them to bed, but all in costume and character as a Disney princess.

They also want their au pair to do “Disney-related activities” with the girls, such as singing, baking and arts and crafts.

In their post, the parents stated: “We know this isn’t a normal request for nannies, however, we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, compassion, fearlessness, and ambition from strong yet relatable female role models.”

They cited the examples of Princess Anna (from Frozen), Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and Princess Merida (from Brave), among others.

While this might seem like a very strange request, Yahoo noted that it’s far from the only odd job advert to have appeared in recent years when it comes to childcare.

The news provider cited another example from last year, where the parents of one seven-year-old boy turned to the internet to try and find someone who could help raise their son using Victorian parenting techniques.

In that ad, the parents commented: “The Victorian style of parenting helped create well-rounded, respectable and polite young people who went on in later life to become great and successful adults.”

Another unusual request to appear online last year was from another couple who were looking for someone who could provide childcare and help explain puberty, intimacy, and consent to their children because they were finding it difficult to answer their questions.

Last December, meanwhile, Pretty 52 shared a bizarre list of requirements that one couple listed while looking for a babysitter for their baby as well as their three and five-year-old children.

In the Facebook post, the parents said they were looking for someone who could be on call 24/7, was a native English speaker with a preferred second language to teach the kids, and who has a Bachelor’s degree in childcare or a minimum of nine years’ experience in babysitting.

Applicants should also not have any tattoos, not smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol, and not have any “sketchy social media behavior and/or public pictures”.

The advert gets even stranger when they also state that they want someone who “ideally will be a Trump fan”.

Have you ever come across any strange requests when looking for au pair work? Or as a parent are there any things you’d like an au pair to be able to do or add to your child’s education?