Parents Spend 36% More On School Equipment

There are just a few days left of the school holidays, which means parents or au pairs in the UK will be busy buying uniform and stationery ready for their children to start the new term soon.

However, they could be spending more than they bargained for, with the back-to-school market having increased by 36 per cent between 2017 and 2018, according to findings from Mintel.

School uniforms alone typically set carers back £134 per child in 2018, a rise of six per cent from the previous year. While there are some cheaper options available these days, 79 per cent of parents prefer to spend more on uniforms that will last and 61 per cent have to purchase clothing with the logo on.

Mintel senior retail analyst Samantha Dover said: “The value of back-to-school spending has shot up in the last year due to more parents buying non-clothing items, as well as an increase in the average amount being spent on school uniforms and shoes.”

She also noted that parents face a lot of pressure to equip their little ones with the latest trends, and end up purchasing branded trainers, bags and shoes, as well as computing equipment and stationery.

This will “ensure their children are keeping up with their peers”, Ms Dover stated.

According to the findings, 42 per cent of mums and dads feel compelled to buy branded products, with nearly half (49 per cent) claiming there is greater pressure these days to get fashionable goods.

Those looking to cut costs can do so by following the tips given by Hargreaves Lansdown. It stated parents could reduce their expenses by naming their uniform so they are less likely to lose clothing during the year, and buying uniform from the supermarket or second-hand. This will save £350 on school apparel alone, Your Money revealed.

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