Prince Harry Introduces Fiancée Meghan To Former Nanny

When you work with an au pair agency, you never know the families you’ll meet, learn from and form bonds with. If you need an example of how these relationships can last a lifetime, just take a look at Tiggy Legge-Bourke, former nanny to HRH Prince Harry.


This week, it was reported that Prince Harry had made the trip to his childhood nanny’s home following an official trip to Cardiff to introduce his new fiancée Meghan Markle.


It’s understandable, of course, why Harry has such a close relationship with this figure, as she supported his upbringing during the most tumultuous time of his life, when his mother passed away. During her life, Diana had a difficult relationship with the nanny, as she was unhappy with her smoking around the children, and calling them ‘my babies’ did not go down well.


However Tiggy did have a bit of a reputation for letting the boys run amok. She was once photographed, driving a Landrover, smoking a cigarette with Harry leaning out of the window shooting rabbits, according to The Daily Mail. Shen also oversaw an expedition in which William and Harry, abseiled down an enormous dam, without any safety lines or even helmets.


While the royal family were less than amused, her relationship with the children made her indispensable to the family.


This friendship continued into adulthood and Harry is even the godfather to one of her children.


While she may not be the best role model of behaviour for a modern day au pair in the UK, it’s interesting to see how much of a forming factor your time spent as a nanny  could be.