Struggling to Limit Screen Time? Here’s Effective Strategies for Digital Balance

Many parents are finding it difficult to limit the amount of time their children spend using screens. That’s the finding of a new survey by Create Development, an agency that delivers PE training.

The Lancashire Post reported on the research, which revealed that 29 per cent of parents find it difficult controlling the amount of screen time their youngsters have, with many worrying about the impact of too much time on computers, smartphones and tablets.

According to the survey, 28 per cent of the parents polled believe their children prefer playing games online with their friends than playing outside with their friends.

What’s more, over half (59 per cent) of parents feel that screen time is getting in the way of their children enjoying physically playing and being outside

Managing director of Creative Development Ronnie Heath stressed that being active and playing games outside helps children develop a range of social, cognitive, physical, creative and personal skills.

He told the newspaper: “Through simple activities and games, physical activity can easily be built into children’s daily routine.”

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It’s particularly important to encourage children to be active during school holidays. Over the summer, research from UK Active found that many children return to school after their summer break with lower fitness levels than when the term ended.

The study revealed that, on average, children’s fitness levels had dropped by 80 per cent over the six weeks of the summer holidays.

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