Top Tips To Help Survive The Summer Holidays

You may find that there are many more au pair jobs over the six week summer holidays, and while it’s a great time to explore the best of what the UK has to offer, it’s also important to know that childcare duties may vary from term time. However, it has the opportunity to be a lot of fun, especially if you use these I News tips for surviving everything the break can throw at you.


Map out the holiday

Kids can want to everything right now, especially if they don’t understand they have six full weeks to fill with activities, so by mapping out what will be happening and when will help them realign. It also helps you stop days being too over-stimulating with too many activities.


Cap screen time

On a normal school day, they may have screen time limits, but you may want to adjust this during the holidays for you to get some downtime too. However, continue to set clear boundaries to ensure their summer is spent making memories and not glued to a phone or tablet screen.


Travel time

Yes, its great to head further afield, but when it comes to road trips, children don’t have the best reputation. Treat it like any other time and schedule activities for while you’re on the road. This will break the monotony and any ‘are we there yet?’ questions.


Work life balance

Of course, don’t forget to schedule some time for yourself too. Plan your free time ahead so that when it comes time for you to take time off, you’re not stuck with nothing to do.